Booking Etiquette

I am located in Colorado Springs. The easiest way to book with me is to view my availability at Once you have viewed my availability you can either book online or you can call or text me to let me know what time you would like to book, and I can schedule you. If you do not have access to view my availability feel free to contact me and I can let you know what times I have available. Please be aware, when contacting me via texting or calling, any vulgar discussion, or unwanted pictures will end our conversation immediately and you will not be seen as a client. Please be respectful when contacting me to set up an appointment.

Call or text Crystyna at (719) 244-0517 or book online at

No Show Policy

If you no show for an appointment, you will require a deposit for booking in the future. No shows are unacceptable. I understand that emergencies arise and things happen, however please take the time to be considerate and let me know you will not be making your appointment.

Cancellation Policy

I prefer a minimum of at least 2 hours when canceling your appointment, that way I have time to fill your spot. I understand that is not always possible. If you frequently cancel your appointments or cancel last minute I will likely choose not to schedule with you again in the future.